Washington County is more than just a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle. We have a scene all our own, with farm-to-table restaurants, museums, theaters, trails, and waterways to explore. Whatever you love to do, you can choose your own adventure when you explore Washington County!

Our Trails

Apple & Berry Trail

Love farm-fresh fruit? Enjoy the New York’s best apples and berries right here in Washington County, with just a bit of work in exchange. Heading out to the orchard or berry fields is a fun way to spend the afternoon, and the fruits of your labor can be enjoyed for weeks!

Antiques Trail

Washington County is rich with history, so it’s no wonder our area is home to incredible antiques! Whether you’re looking for home decor, books, or collector’s items, you can find it all right here. Head out to our many antique shops for a hands-on history lesson you can take home with you.

Craft Beverage Trail

Our county is home to more craft beverage producers than you can shake a glass at! A unique and diverse landscape makes for incredible wine growing, not to mention an inspiring backdrop to enjoy your favorite farm-to-glass beverages. Everything from ice cider to funky ferments, and everything in between, can be found right here!

Cheese Trail

As an agricultural community, it’s only natural for Washington County to be home to so many cheesemakers. From traditional farm cheese to soft and bloomy varieties made with goat and sheep’s milk, you can find a new favorite made here.

Fiber Trail

Ever see sheep dotting the Washington County countryside and think to yourself, “They could help me with my next knitting project”? We do! There are dozens of fiber farmers in our county producing heirloom quality fiber products. It’s a wonderful, sustainable way to make use of animal wool and hair that must be removed anyway.

History Trail

Washington County was a major gateway for settlers, tradesfolk, and the military before and during European settlement. You can still explore many of those historic trails and locations today, from the revolution through the Civil War and beyond!

Ice Cream Trail

What’s better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? How about tasting some of the best ice cream in New York State!? Our dairy-focused community is home to dozens of ice cream parlors and stands, many making their own desserts from local milk. Think you could stop at them all in one day?

Maple Trail

New York is home to the largest resource of tappable maple trees in the country — even our state tree is the Sugar Maple! — and we surely put the trees to good use! Explore the sugar shacks and maple producers in Washington County as they boil sap to make the sweet stuff.

Open Studios Trail

Inspired by the rolling hills and scenic landscapes, artists, musicians, and performers have flocked to Washington County for decades. Whether you’re looking for folk art, classic-style paintings, or unique metalwork, you can find it here!

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