Local Artists of Washington County in Landscapes for Landsake ’23

Calling all art lovers! Come one, come all to Washington County’s biggest art-buying event of the autumn season. It’s time to support the local artists of Washington County!

Inside the barn where local artists of Washington County & many more display their work during Landscapes for Landsake


Bring your family and friends down to Cambridge, NY for the Landscapes for Landsake Art Sale & Exhibition on October 7 and 8, 2023. Consider this your invitation to join in this annual celebration of the land by our local artistic community!

Inside Maple Ridge’s beautiful converted barn, you’ll discover nearly 300 breathtaking creations from 68 different artists. Many of them will be there to discuss their work in person, so make sure to stop by and show your appreciation!

Plus, you can view and purchase even more of your favorite artist’s work online! Over 650 pieces will be available during the online sale from Saturday, October 7th at 7 p.m. to Tuesday, October 31st at 11:59 p.m.

Here’s a quick list of events for reference:

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7 from 12 pm to 5 pm
  • Gallery Hours: Sunday, October 8 from 12 pm to 4 pm
  • Closed: Monday, October 9
  • Online Sale: Saturday, October 7 (launching at 7 pm) thru Tuesday, October 31 at 11:59 pm


About the Agricultural Stewardship Association

Since 1990, the Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) has worked to protect the farmlands, forests, and agricultural landscape of this area for future generations. In fact, they’ve managed to conserve over 30,000 acres on 170 properties across Washington and Rensselaer counties!

For over 20 years, this exhibition has served as the ASA’s largest fundraising event of the year, with 50% of every purchase going to their organization. Learn more about their mission and how to support it today!


Spotlight On the Local Artists of Washington County

Of course, this event would not be complete without works from the many talented creators who call Washington County home. Be sure to check out their portfolios ahead of time so you know which pieces you may like to collect.

After all, there are a limited number of works available from each artist, and art is an investment many people are eager to make. So act quickly, and remember: support local and support the arts!



Painters, Pastels & Multi-medium Artists

These local artists of Washington County focus on largely landscape and farmland scenery and express it in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, gouache, oil paintings, and more.

Matt Chinian – Cambridge, NY

Donald Cook – Greenwich, NY

Ann Fitzgibbons – Easton, NY

Laurie Goodhart – Cambridge, NY

Thomas Kerr – Salem, NY

Clarence King – Cambridge, NY

Rose Klebes – Cambridge, NY

Zack Lobdell – Washington County, NY

Rahe Lulla – Cambridge, NY

Leah McCloskey – Salem, NY

Leslie Parke – Cambridge, NY

Leslie Peck – Greenwich, NY

Christopher Pierce – Shushan, NY

Harry Orlyk – Salem, NY

Anne Sutherland – Greenwich, NY

Terry Teitelbaum – Cambridge, NY

Janine Thomas – Hartford, NY

Mark Tougias – Cambridge, NY

George Van Hook – Cambridge, NY

Frank Vurraro – Greenwich, NY


Photography and Three-Dimensional Art


Not all local artists of Washington County are built the same! These artists are in their own category because of their unique work. Explore their portfolios and be inspired!

Clifford Oliver, photographer – Greenwich, NY

Anthony Cafritz, sculpture – Salem, NY

Elisa Sheehan, kintsugi & egg shells – Easton, NY

Regina Wickham, ceramics – Greenwich, NY


Local Art Beyond The Exhibit


For more local art, check out our performing arts centers, photographers, Open Studio Trail, and more!

Plus, there are many other talented artists in the show who are based just beyond our borders, in Albany, Saratoga, Warren and Rensselaer counties (and beyond!) Be sure to check them out at Landscapes for Landsake and support the upstate New York art scene.

We’ll see you there!

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