Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? We don’t! Our county is a premier destination for food-conscious folks to explore the state’s natural resources! From some of New York’s best Farm-to-Table dining to hands-on agricultural experiences, you can find it in Washington County.


Agriculture allows visitors and residents alike to see, taste, and explore – all in one place! The incredible products grown and raised here can be found throughout New York, from fine dining establishments to family BBQs. In Washington County, you can experience everything from animal husbandry and beekeeping to corn mazes. Pick the perfect pumpkin, learn what goes into a scoop of ice cream, and fish for your next meal. There’s fun to be had for everyone!

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Argyle Cheese Farmer

Argyle Cheese Farmer is a cheese and yogurt processing business.  In 2007 by Marge and Dave Randles built a cheese processing building on the family farmstead to use the family dairy farm's milk as the main ingredients in their products.  Over the years the their business has out grown the original plant and in 2020 they purchased a 10,000 square foot building in Hudson Falls.  They have opened a retail shop at the new location and sell their products along with other regional products.  The new location in Hudson Falls also has a commercial kitchen which produces baked goods, [...]
990 Coach Road, Argyle, NY, USA, United States 12809
Farmstead Processing Plant
2358 Burgoyne Avenue, Hudson Falls, NY, USA, Hudson Falls, New York, United States 12839
Retail Store and Bakery and site of new processing plant.
Phone: 518-222-0667

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Washington County is rich with historic sites, museums and landmarks from Battle Hill in Fort Ann, a significant battle of the Revolutionary War, to the Fort House Museum in Fort Edward that exhibits hundreds of thousands of artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the history of Washington County.

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