Take yourself on a visual exploration of many internationally acclaimed artists or hear the wonderful musicians of Washington County


Art comes in many different formats and styles and Washington County is no different. There is a diverse range of visual, auditory and performing arts in the region. Come experience the beauty and emotional power in these are forms. Art in Washington County is created both locally and nationally so come check it out for yourself.

Named Washington County in 1784 in honor of George Washington this county has historical landmarks, building and locations that tell the story of the county. Washington County has its own historical society whose purpose is to promote the interest and participation in preserving the rich cultural heritage that Washington County has to offer.  

Music plays a big part in Washington County, from concerts in the park, to enjoying live music at a local pub or winery with friends to the many different music venues that are within the area, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking for a date night or taking a class, Washington County has that and much more to offer.

While life is not dramatic in Washington County, there is plenty of drama that can be found on stage throughout the county.  From musicals, opera, and plays produced by theatre professionals, to local and community productions that show off the talent of the residents, Washington County offers many options to add some drama to your experience.

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Washington County is rich with historic sites, museums and landmarks from Battle Hill in Fort Ann, a significant battle of the Revolutionary War, to the Fort House Museum in Fort Edward that exhibits hundreds of thousands of artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the history of Washington County.

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