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Field to glass, on the regular. That’s how Washington County

does craft beer, wine, spirits, and cider.

Maple Producers in Washington County

1. Schneible Maple – ARGYLE
2. Wild Hogs Sugar Shack at MapleMilk Farm – CAMBRIDGE
3. Battlehill Maple – FORT ANN
4. Grottoli’s Maple – GRANVILLE
5. Maple Acres – GRANVILLE
6. Schoolhouse Maple – GREENWICH
7. Sugar Mill Farm LLC – GREENWICH
8. Dry Brook Sugar House – SALEM
9. Eli Truehart – SALEM
10. Mapleland Farms – SALEM
11. Wild Hill Maple – SALEM
12. Adams Sugar House – SHUSHAN
13. Smith & Taber Maple Syrup – WHITE CREEK
14. Rathbun’s Maple Sugar House – WHITEHALL

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Wine Grape vine from the beverage trail

Drink Local and Farm-Fresh

Our county is home to more craft beverage producers than you can shake a glass at! Our unique landscape makes for incredible wine growing, not to mention an inspiring backdrop for our farm-to-glass breweries, distilleries, and cideries. Everything from unaged brandy and ice cider to funky ferments and sour ale, and everything in between, can be found right here!

Local Wine brewers

Brewing Community

The county’s craft beverage scene is all about community. Locally-made beverages are on tap and on the wine list at our restaurants. Taprooms host fundraisers and community events. And there’s always room for another at the table. From neighboring farms supplying grain and produce, to collaborations with local businesses, you don’t have to be a regular to see how supportive it is.

craft beverages

Each October and November we break out those fall flannels, celebrate a great harvest, and make the most of the season before snow flies. The Washington County Flannel Fall Crawl is a challenge of delicious proportions. Visit one (or all!) of our craft beverage producers for this fun experience. Try something new or raise a glass of your long-time favorite. Just snap a photo, tag us, and you’re entered to win.

Hidden Star Hard Cider can
glass of wine from the beverage trail
beer tap
Apple Moonshine from the beverage trail

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