Explore Our Apple & Berry Trail

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a freshly-picked strawberry.

Enjoy all the best produce at our many u-pick farms!

Maple Producers in Washington County

1. Schneible Maple – ARGYLE
2. Wild Hogs Sugar Shack at MapleMilk Farm – CAMBRIDGE
3. Battlehill Maple – FORT ANN
4. Grottoli’s Maple – GRANVILLE
5. Maple Acres – GRANVILLE
6. Schoolhouse Maple – GREENWICH
7. Sugar Mill Farm LLC – GREENWICH
8. Dry Brook Sugar House – SALEM
9. Eli Truehart – SALEM
10. Mapleland Farms – SALEM
11. Wild Hill Maple – SALEM
12. Adams Sugar House – SHUSHAN
13. Smith & Taber Maple Syrup – WHITE CREEK
14. Rathbun’s Maple Sugar House – WHITEHALL

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picking berries off the apple and berry trail

What to Pick, and Where

Love farm-fresh fruit? Enjoy the freshest berries and apples right here in Washington County, with just a bit of work in exchange. Heading out to the orchard or berry fields is a fun way to spend the afternoon, and the fruits of that labor can be enjoyed for weeks after!

Bagged apples that were picked from the apple and berry trail

What’s In Season?

Washington County is located in the Upper Hudson Valley area of New York, which means we have four beautiful seasons! But that also means our produce isn’t always available fresh from the tree or bush. However, from early summer through late fall, those berries, cherries, and apples are ripe for the picking!

Strawberries from the apple & berry trail

Why Eat Local?

Agriculture has shaped the landscapes, communities, and way of life in Washington County for hundreds of years. Buying local means supporting farmers and positively impacting our environment. Plus, eating in-season produce just tastes better!

women holding a box of picked blueberries from the apple and berry trail
Apple and berry trail
Blueberries on the apple and berry trail

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