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Argyle New York is the perfect combination of small-town and Adirondacks. Located near many of Washington County’s most popular attractions, this small town offers a peaceful experience with no shortage of things to do! The population is, not surprisingly, trending upward in Argyle due to its natural beauty and convenient location.

If you’re looking for an area with simple charm and Adirondack adventures, this town is a must-see!

A Brief History of Argyle New York

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Before it was the town of Argyle, the Mohicans and the Mohawk tribes used the land as hunting and fishing grounds, and for fur trading with the Dutch New Netherland Colony at Fort Orange (present-day Albany).


The first European settlers arrived from Argyllshire, Scotland. German, Irish, Dutch and Polish settlers were also attracted to the area. In 1786 Argyle was officially formed as a town, and the name they adopted the name of their native land to the town.

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 The Moses Kill provided waterpower for mills in the village, which later featured the early a library and running water for the residents.


Argyle is a melting pot and no longer a purely Scottish community. However, the agricultural aspect of the settler’s native home had some lasting influence, since modern-day Argyle is still fairly rural.

Fun Fact: Until 2019, Argyle was one of New York’s few remaining “dry towns,” and the largest! Today the town is home to its first farm brewery: Scotlander Brewing Company. Plus, it’s the namesake for another local brewery based out of Greenwich, with roots in the once-dry town.

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732 Coot Hill Road, Argyle, New York, United States 12809
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Argyle is centrally located in Washington County, nestled between the Adirondack Mountains to the north and west and the Green Mountains of Vermont to the east.

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