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Rich in history, from pre-European settlement through the

Civil War and beyond. History comes to life in Washington County!

Maple Producers in Washington County

1. Schneible Maple – ARGYLE
2. Wild Hogs Sugar Shack at MapleMilk Farm – CAMBRIDGE
3. Battlehill Maple – FORT ANN
4. Grottoli’s Maple – GRANVILLE
5. Maple Acres – GRANVILLE
6. Schoolhouse Maple – GREENWICH
7. Sugar Mill Farm LLC – GREENWICH
8. Dry Brook Sugar House – SALEM
9. Eli Truehart – SALEM
10. Mapleland Farms – SALEM
11. Wild Hill Maple – SALEM
12. Adams Sugar House – SHUSHAN
13. Smith & Taber Maple Syrup – WHITE CREEK
14. Rathbun’s Maple Sugar House – WHITEHALL

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Historic Parks and Trails

Washington County was a major gateway for settlers, tradesfolk, and the military during the first several decades of European settlement. Today you can still explore those historic trails and locations, from the revolution through the Civil War and beyond.

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With a variety of museums, monuments, and historic homes, Washington County is a history buff’s paradise. Visit the Old Fort House Museum to explore its role from the 1770s to the 1940s. Susan B. Anthony’s childhood home is in the county, as is Grandma Moses’. Many locations offer guided tours!

Where You Least Expect It

Some of our most beloved businesses and restaurants are part of history, too! The Anvil Inn restaurant is in a former blacksmithing shop and Skene Manor’s historic mansion is open today as a tea room, not to mention the historic covered bridges!

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Washington County Historical Society

The Washington County Historical Society is an educational organization dedicated to promoting public interest and participation in the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Washington County, NY. Headquartered in the historic Wing-Northup house we maintain  the Heritage Research Library, a repository for regional books, written documents, genealogical information, and memorabilia. All sales in our society bookshop go toward the continuation of our mission. Lectures, workshops, tours and social events are scheduled throughout the year. The Wing Northup House Library and Bookshop are open 9:30-4:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays.
167 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY, USA, Fort Edward, New York, United States 12828
Phone: 518-747-9108

Slate Valley Rail Trail

Following the bed of a former D&H rail line the Slate Valley Rail Trail offers year-round recreation opportunities. Popular activities for trail users during the warmer, summer months include horseback riding, biking, jogging and walking, and then transition to snowshoeing and snowmobiling during the winter months. Trail users come from near and far to see the historic and inspiring views of the Slate Valley. This includes the vibrant foliage, rural nature, and glimpses of local farming culture. The trail showcases the area’s natural beauty with its miles of open fields, undisturbed forests. The trail passes through the Village of Granville's [...]
Granville, New York, United States

Skenesborough Waterfront Community Park

We host various events on the waterfront. The site offers indoor and outdoor pavilions with fire pit for rent. The park offers electric and water and showers free of charge,donations accepted.
Skenesborough Drive, Whitehall, NY, USA, New York, United States 12887
Phone: 518 499-4071