Explore Our Ice Cream Trail

Skip the grocery store and head out in search of your new favorite

ice cream at our local stands, dairy farms, and drive-ins. 

Maple Producers in Washington County

1. Schneible Maple – ARGYLE
2. Wild Hogs Sugar Shack at MapleMilk Farm – CAMBRIDGE
3. Battlehill Maple – FORT ANN
4. Grottoli’s Maple – GRANVILLE
5. Maple Acres – GRANVILLE
6. Schoolhouse Maple – GREENWICH
7. Sugar Mill Farm LLC – GREENWICH
8. Dry Brook Sugar House – SALEM
9. Eli Truehart – SALEM
10. Mapleland Farms – SALEM
11. Wild Hill Maple – SALEM
12. Adams Sugar House – SHUSHAN
13. Smith & Taber Maple Syrup – WHITE CREEK
14. Rathbun’s Maple Sugar House – WHITEHALL

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I Scream, You Scream

What could be better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? How about tasting some of the best ice cream in New York State! Washington County is home to dozens of ice cream parlors and stands. Think you could stop at them all in one day? Check out our guide.

Fresh, Local, Unforgettable

Part of the reason our ice cream shops are so beloved is because we are a dairy-focused community with dozens of award-winning family farms. Many of our ice cream shops feature products made with our incredible, local milk – including Battenkill Valley Creamery.

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