Our county is home to many internationally acclaimed artists, take a look!

Washington County is a hub for the arts. We are home to lots of different types of live performances. From plays, musical, dance or concert, there are a plethora of live performances at a variety of venues to choose from. Looking for something more educational? Explore the rich cultural history of Washington County with a visit to our many museums. Our galleries aren’t just about the heritage of our county, some of them offer distinguished collections featuring European and American art! Interested in exploring a private art studio? Our studios have grown organically in recent years as artists have found the solitude and inspiration they were seeking in our little towns. Be sure to contact the studio you’re looking at in advance to find the best time to visit.

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Washington County is rich with historic sites, museums and landmarks from Battle Hill in Fort Ann, a significant battle of the Revolutionary War, to the Fort House Museum in Fort Edward that exhibits hundreds of thousands of artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the history of Washington County.

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