Our county is home to a booming craft beverage scene,
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Washington County breweries are all about community. Visiting one of our breweries is like visiting family. All of our wineries are family owned and are backed by a rich family history. They specialize in hand crafted, natural winemaking and have perfected their craft over generations of hard work. Our county’s distilleries are family-owned as well, and are grain-to-glass craft distilleries where everything – from milling and mashing to fermenting and distilling – takes place on site. Come check out one of our many breweries, wineries, and distilleries. See, feel, and smell the ingredients for yourself that go into your pint or wine glass. 

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Washington County is rich with historic sites, museums and landmarks from Battle Hill in Fort Ann, a significant battle of the Revolutionary War, to the Fort House Museum in Fort Edward that exhibits hundreds of thousands of artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the history of Washington County.

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