TASTE: Craft Beverages of Washington County

Dairy may be the backbone of Washington County’s agricultural industry, but this area is also home to a thriving craft beverage scene!

As the heart of the New York Capital region’s agriculture, Washington County boasts more than 900 farms & 185,000 acres of farmland. An increasing number of those farms now grow the crops used by local producers of New York craft beverages, including hops, grains, grapes, apples and more!

Every sip is a labor of love. Hours of time and effort went into planting, growing, and harvesting these crops, which then require lots of expertise & experimentation to turn them into the delicious craft beverages we’ve all come to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to take a date, a night out with friends, or a cool new spot to hang out, the craft beverage industry provides a variety of venues with a unique & inviting ambiance!

Why not give Washington County a taste? Discover some of the incredible artisanal & craft beverages available in our area of upstate New York!


New York craft hard cider at Slyboro Ciderhouse in Washington County
Photo via Slyboro Ciderhouse

Did you know that the oldest U-pick apple orchard in New York is right in Granville’s backyard? On top of that, Hick’s Orchard is also home to Slyboro Cider House, whose wide range of sparkling & still ciders include subtle tasting notes of flavors like pear and black currant.

Greenwich is home to Melo Moon Cider. Their signature New York craft beverages include ciders, cysers and meads, which are made from wild apples, fruit & honey harvested from the forests outside the owners’ mountainside home.

Vineyards and Wineries

Victory View Vineyard

Many grape varieties grow well in our county’s fertile farmland! If you’re a lover of fine wines, check out the Upper Hudson Wine Trail, the only wine trail in Washington County recognized by New York State! In fact, you can find this designation right on the wine label to ensure that you buy only deliciously authentic wine from the Upper Hudson American Viticultural Area.

In Cambridge, South Dominion Vineyard’s unique crosses of French and wild American grapes were developed to withstand harsh New York winters while retaining their delicious flavor.

With its unique terroir, including lush soil, southern exposure, and temperate climate, Victory View Vineyard in Greenwich uses sustainable methods to grow several varieties of cold-hardy grapes, including Marquette, maréchal foch, Frontenac, la crescent, lacrosse, petite pearl, and melody.



craft beverage producer of whiskey, bourbon, moonshine and more
Springbrook Hollow Distillery tasting room

Springbrook Hollow Distillery distills its bourbon in a custom-made copper pot still, one batch at a time, and is packaged and aged in a renovated horse barn on the property. Their newly built tasting room in Fort Ann will open Summer 2023 and will offer outdoor seating, tours, and tastings, plus live music and other events! Keep an eye on their Facebook for all the details.

Venture a little further outside Fort Ann for another delightful option! Lake George Distilling Company’s storefront offers a delightful variety of New York craft beverages, including whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin and more.

A small, artisanal whiskey distillery in Greenwich, Main Street Distillery uses locally-sourced grains to make the kind of whiskey they like to drink! Their products can be found at the Glens Falls farmers market and at both Argyle Brewing Company locations.


Two friends enjoying a beer at Slate Town Brewing Company

Right on the Main Street of Granville, you’ll find Slate Town Brewing Company, a small-batch producer that uses only local, seasonal ingredients. Featuring both a taproom and kitchen, this farm-to-glass brewery is so popular, reservations are recommended!

Making ale only 7 barrels at a time, Battle Hill Brewing in Fort Ann resides in a historic 19th-century building. Their beer selection changes seasonally, and their kitchen serves delicious food sourced locally.

Craft beers, hard seltzers, and beer cheese: R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery in Salem is the classic, all-American small-town brewery. With ales, IPAs, and house-brewed hard seltzer that can be customized with fruit puree flavors, this brewery offers something for everyone. They also host seasonal wood-fired pizza and Crock Pot Nights.

Argyle Brewing Company is not technically located in Argyle, because the town was legally dry until 2019! Hence the slogan, “Dry Town ~ Wet Basements.” Instead, you can find their ales, stouts, porters, browns, and more carried at both the Greenwich and Cambridge Depot locations! Their taproom & beer gardens also carry products from other New York craft beverage producers, like Main Street Distillery and Slyboro Ciderhouse!

Slickfin Brewing Company is a Veteran-owned and operated microbrewery in Fort Edward, NY. Known for their small-batch brews, they take a creative approach to their craft, ensuring each beer or seltzer that hits the tap is made with the highest quality ingredients and care. Don’t miss their summer slushies, made with a rotating selection of hard seltzer brewed in-house!

Last but not least, Scotlander Brewing Company in Argyle is a farm-to-tap brewery that offers a fine selection of craft beers and seltzers! Their location also regularly offers delicious food from local vendors, as well as social events for the community.


Craft Beverage Trails & Events

With so many options to choose from, where to begin? Let us help you out: explore our ready-made New York Craft Beverage Trail at your own pace!

Or, attend the annual Adirondack Food & Wine Fest on Lake George, highlighting some of the best food & drink makers in this area.

Later in the year, tourists and locals alike flock to the Flannel Fall Crawl to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather, scenery, and harvest.

Plus, many of our producers often hold events in their tap rooms, so check back in to see what’s happening!

Whatever you like to drink, you’ll find it fresh from the farm here in Washington County. See, taste & explore what we’ve got to offer!

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