A Day In Western Washington County Near Hudson Falls, NY

Where the scenic seat of the county meets the most populous village

In historic Washington County, you’ll delight in the farmlands & forests surrounding Fort Edward, NY. This small town is the governmental seat of the county, and sits just down the river from the largest village in the area: Hudson Falls.

This gorgeous stretch of scenery includes some of the most interesting activities, attractions & shopping opportunities around! But if you’re looking for even more options, be sure to explore the nearby areas of Fort Ann, Argyle, Greenwich, or Whitehall! Each is just a short, easy and beautiful drive away.

So whether you’re looking for great gifts, unforgettable experiences or interesting local events, you’ll find the best agricultural America has to offer within our borders.

Let’s explore cool things to do near Fort Edward & Hudson Falls in Western Washington County!

Fort Edward, NY

Discover Fort Edward, New York sitting right where the man-made wonder of the Champlain Canal meets the mighty Hudson River! This historic canal town was vital to the transport of goods to New York City, due to its history as both a shipyard and a welcoming stop along the way.

And now, that village welcomes you! Explore the historic network of canals throughout Washington County, or keep reading to learn about the many things to do in Fort Edward, NY.

If you’re looking to cycle the Empire State Trail, you’ll see much of the greater Fort Edward region in your travels. Be sure to say hello & introduce yourself – we love visitors! And if you need anything cycling-related for your journey, you’ll enjoy the wide selection of goods within Evergreen Bicycle Works.

The cycling shop is housed in the same building as the Canal Street Marketplace, open throughout the warmer months of the year. This bustling maker’s market also serves as a community hub, farmer’s market, festival grounds and more.

An intersection of historical threads: the waterways of Western Washington County

A display of an old railcar & explanation of how the Champlain Canal system changed transportation in the area forever.

For more historical takes on the area, visit some of the many local museums! Within Fort Edward, this includes the Old Fort House Museum,which includes many historic buildings with furnishings authentic to the Revolutionary era. Plus, you may enjoy the Rogers Island Visitors Center, a significant place to native Americans, early colonial settlers & the Army Rangers alike. Or for a look at the strength of faith in the region, check out the Fort Miller Reformed Church, a structure dating back nearly 200 years.

Each of these institutions will give you a different perspective on what life was like in Fort Edward throughout history, and how the achievements of the past influence modern living.

After all, Fort Edward remains a transportation hub to this day. The historic Fort Edward Delaware & Hudson Rail Station now serves as an Amtrak station, adjacent to the original platform. Through a community commitment to preserving the area’s unique history, many original structures have been maintained & repurposed. This includes the Anvil Inn Restaurant, housed in a former 1800’s-era post-and-beam blacksmith shop!

Fort Edward is also home to a bustling arts scene! From the paintings & signage of Adirondack Graceful Arts to the self-healing artistic classes & workshops at Radiance and Grit, you’ll find a variety of unique art right here.

Beyond the village: scenic attractions near Fort Edward, NY

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love the area near Fort Edward and Hudson Falls.

From the Hudson River’s ample fishing opportunities to golfing at the gorgeous Kingsbury National Golf Club, this part of upstate New York offers unspoiled scenery in nearly all directions. Alternatively, check out Wedgewood Golf Club for even more places to practice your swing. Either way, you’ll enjoy great views, great golfing, and a charming clubhouse to relax at the bar while enjoying a meal with your friends.

For a great opportunity to see birds such as the snowy owl or short-eared owl, visit the Alfred Z. Solomon Bird Viewing Area, operated by the Grasslands Bird Trust.

Enjoy the tastes of the area from local places like Moxie Ridge Farm, whose goat dairy operation is a community favorite. You’ll also love The Garden Barn, whose offerings change season to season but include produce, decor, garden supplies and more! And don’t hesitate to stock up on all your cow dairy needs from Ideal Dairy Farms, whose commitment to quality has never wavered.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, there are plenty of delicious options around Fort Edward! Explore our dining options. And afterward, why not grab a pint at Slickfin Brewing? Plus, be sure to enjoy nearby Rookie’s Cookies and Cream to fulfill your sugary needs!

On the outskirts of town, you’ll also find the Little Theater on the Farm. Their scenic location & unique venue hosts a variety of entertainment throughout the year, from performances to concerts and beyond!

Hudson Falls, NY

Downtown Hudson Falls in winter

Hudson Falls, NY (formerly Sandy Hills) is home to a variety of interesting shopping options, historical sites and unique experiences! Right on the Hudson River, this former canal town holds both cultural & historic significance.

And, there are several ways to enjoy the beauty surrounding Hudson Falls. The Champlain Canal and Glens Falls Feeder Canal continue through this area, providing great paddling options as well as miles of walking trails. Be sure to check out a few major landmarks of the canals, such as the Coal Silos and the Five Combination Locks.

Did you know this Feeder Canal is the last original canal in New York State? It’s true! For more information and in-depth exploration of Hudson Falls’ history & infrastructure, explore the Turning Point Trail and Lakes to Locks Passage.

If you’re looking to paddle the canal yourself, visit the Martindale Boat Basin Park. This park once acted as a turn-around for canal boats using the waterway, as well as a place to load and unload cargo!

Or, visit the Union Cemetery at 8 Schuyler Street, Hudson Falls, NY for more historical context. Holding over 175 years’ worth of local history within its borders, this beautiful cemetery is certainly worth a look.

Explore more of the great outdoors in Western Washington County

You could also take a wild adventure to Baker’s Falls! Since the Hudson River serves as the boundary between Washington and Saratoga Counties, this waterfall is technically in both. However, it’s officially listed as within Washington County! In the modern age, Baker’s Falls helps power the community through hydroelectric energy collected through its dam.

Have you gotten hungry during your adventure? For both a bite to eat (as well as a long-lasting memory), visit The Cabins Cafe! While they hold a number of events throughout the year, this yummy Cafe is also home to a Pet Farm animal petting experience. Plus, they welcome you to rent Mad Dirt Arena, a horseback riding arena with a lot ideal for parking your horse trailer.

And, if you’re looking for more local flavor, visit Argyle Cheese Farmer‘s charming Hudson Falls store! There, you can buy a variety of dairy goods made right there, including yogurt, cheese, dips and more.

Plus, the town also features its fair share of delicious restaurants and ice cream shops! Explore Losaw’s Diner, or visit Twin Scoops or Jack and Jill Ice Cream to satisfy your cravings. Though keep in mind most ice cream shops are closed during the colder months.

Discover the beating heart of the arts in western Washington County

With both The Strand Theater and Sandy Hill Arts Center at its core, it’s no wonder creative communities have thrived within downtown Hudson Falls!

The Arts Center is also home to many small studios & stores, including The Pastelists Studio, DeNatale’s Italian Restaurant & Bar, and The McKernon Gallery’s fine prints & gifts. Plus, both Hudson River Music Hall Productions and the Hudson River Shakespeare Company operate largely out of this area!

Discover the adorably historic Main Street district, complete with a variety of boutique shops, from the Village Booksmith to Helen of New York and Triads Music Center. But of course, if you’re in the market for a guitar (electric OR acoustic), you’ll want to check out ADK Guitar. And if you’re left-handed, you’re in luck: that’s their specialty!

Or, if you’re a lover of hand-woven textiles, explore what Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio has on offer. If you’re a furniture fanatic, you’ll love the creatively repurposed selection of veteran-owned Timeless Creations. Also, you’ll want to discover Wally’s Woodworking‘s high-quality, custom wooden creations.

Looking for more cool things to do in Western Washington County?

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