From Apples to Petting Zoos: Enjoy Agritourism First-Hand

As a historically agricultural region, it’s no surprise agritourism has also blossomed within Washington County’s borders! In fact, our rolling hills & charming small towns are home to a range of unique activities that fall into the agritourism realm.

From farmers markets & petting zoos to u-pick orchards and ice cream shops, visitors enjoy many ways to experience the bounty of our region’s farms and agricultural businesses! By visiting these locations, you and your family will gain a unique insight into how agriculture intersects with modern living, from healthy foods & sustainable clothing to skincare products and beyond.

So let’s explore the agritourism experiences within Washington County, NY!

Unforgettable Barnyard Adventures

Farm Tours and Petting Zoos

One of the most popular agritourism experiences in Washington County are farm tours! It’s a great way to get up close & personal with animals and learn from the farmers who take care of them. Along the way, visitors hear about the farm’s operations, agricultural lifestyle and sustainable practices, among other topics. Of course, many local farms & agritourism businesses offer tours – just ask!

Or, you can visit the adorable animals (and get lunch) at the Cabins Cafe’s pet farm, or have unique animal encounters at the Jungle Experience Zoo.


Another agritourism highlight in Washington County is an abundance of pick-your-own farms! These farms allow visitors to harvest their own fruits and vegetables, providing a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. Naturally, this category includes many kinds of farms, from u-pick apple orchards and berry farms to seasonal lavender and sunflower fields!

Looking for a great option? Visit Gardenworks Farm’s “Pick Your Own Health Care” fields, attend one of their Plant Powered Potlucks, or explore their site to see how health and agriculture align.

Craft Beverages: Beer, Wine, Cider and Spirits

Another popular agritourism activity in Washington County is visiting craft beverage producers. And there are many in the area!

Washington County is home to several wineries, including Autumn’s Harvest Vineyard, Victory View Vineyard, South Dominion Vineyard, and Northern Cross Vineyard. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy wine tastings, tours of the vineyards, and scenic views of the surrounding countryside. And, be sure to check out the Upper Hudson Wine Trail featuring our cold-hardy grapes!

For those who prefer beer, there are also several local breweries to choose from! Argyle Brewing Company, Slate Town Brewing Company, Slickfin Brewing Company and Scotlander Brewing Company are just a handful of the many brewers who produce a variety of craft beers, including IPAs, stouts, and ales. Come sample the beers at the breweries’ taprooms or purchase some to take home!

In addition to wineries and breweries, Washington County is also home to several distilleries that use local ingredients to make their spirits. You’ll enjoy the variety found at places like Lake George Distilling Company and Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery.

And finally, local agritourism is also thriving in the hard cider industry! Check out the delicious adult beverages available from local businesses like Slyboro Ciderhouse at Hicks Orchard, the oldest u-pick apple orchard in New York.

Farm Stays and Lodging

In addition, there are a variety of different farm stay opportunities across the county! Whether you’re interested in horses and lakeside views or glamping in a yurt, you’ll never forget your time spent on a farm in Washington County. Plus, many of these lodging options include a fresh country breakfast, including farm-raised eggs, produce and more!

Come wake up to the pastoral sound of roosters and explore the farm stays within our area.

Discover Authentic Farm-To-Table Agritourism

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Washington County is also home to a number of farm-to-table restaurants that use fresh, local ingredients to create delicious meals. One of the most popular farm-to-table restaurants in the area is Dancing Ewe Farm, who offers Tuscan- and seasonally-inspired dining experiences on their picturesque farm. Explore more delicious local eateries, or check out this guide on building a farm-to-table feast at home from Washington County farms.

Maple, Maple Sugar and More

If you’ve got a sweet tooth for more natural flavors, you’ll love the maple wonderland that is Washington County! Home to a range of family-owned sugar shacks, visitors enjoy experiences like our Maple Trail, as well as Maple Weekends each March. Typically, these businesses not only sell syrup, but also maple candy, maple cream, maple coffee and much more!

Dairy, Ice Cream and Cheese

At our core, Washington County, NY lives & breathes dairy. Visitors love the full-farm experience available at Battenkill Valley Creamery, whose award-winning ice cream is made on the same property where the cows live. Often, you can see them from the parking lot, and inside the building, you can glimpse the machinery that processes their milk!

Another can’t-miss local dairy business is Argyle Cheese Farmer, who runs a store in Hudson Falls. There, you’ll find a variety of cheese and yogurt products made only using the highest-quality A2 milk. Stock up on their cheese curds, hard cheese, greek yogurt and more! One of their suppliers is another local: Ideal Dairy Farms.

Of course, many other farms support the dairy industry on many levels. Some local farms like Tiashoke Farm even supply national companies such as Cabot Creamery!

Farm-fresh Meat: Pork, Chicken, Beef & Beyond

Experience the true essence of farm-to-table dining by exploring the incredible selection of farm-fresh meat available within Washington County, NY! From succulent steaks to flavorful poultry and tender pork, our farms offer a bounty of high-quality, locally-sourced meats that are a cut above the rest.

After all, smaller family-owned farms tend to take great pride in the health & happiness of their animals. By prioritizing their well-being, farmers ensure their animals are raised in a stress-free home, often using sustainable farming practices (such as grazing rotation) to live in harmony with their environment.

Elevate your meals and support our local meat farms and butcher shops, including Marchaland Farms, Easton Station Farms, Nessle Bros Meats, Inc. and Locust Grove Smokehouse. And if you’re a fan of home-made jerky, check out Muddy Trail Jerky Company!

Shop Farm-Made Goods, from Wool to Lotion

Animal Fiber Farms of All Kinds

One of the strongest aspects of agritourism in the area are our local fiber farms! Learn all about fiber by following our Fiber Trail, attending the Fiber Tour in April or the Adirondack Wool & Arts Festival in September. There, you’ll meet a range of local fiber-focused farms who raise everything from alpacas & angora rabbits to cashmere or Icelandic sheep!

Did you know that collecting these animal fibers doesn’t hurt the animals? Many long-haired species like alpaca need to be sheared to shorten their coats going into the hotter months. And the ultra-soft angora fur is collected while the rabbits are molting during seasonal changes in the spring and fall!

Bees, Honey and Beeswax Products

Additionally, many farmers in the area also have a few beehives of their own. After all, pollinators play a key role in the growing cycle of most plants! Did you know most plants won’t produce fruit or vegetables unless they’ve been pollinated by a bee? While collecting the necessary ingredients to make their honey, bees transfer pollen from the male to female parts of the flower to help them grow. Neat, huh? And at the end of the summer season, farmers collect the honey, leaving plenty to get the hive through the winter.

Want to learn more? Come talk to a local beekeeper! Local businesses like Bee & Bramble, BetterBee, and Slate Valley Farms offer a wide range of local honey and beeswax-based products. If you’re interested, reach out – many small-town apiaries welcome questions from the curious!

Goat Milk Soap & Skincare

Did you know that goat milk soaps and lotions are quickly increasing in popularity? This is largely because it’s naturally great for your skin, leaving you baby-smooth in any season! Learn more about our many local dairy goat farms, including Sperry Family Farm, Goats Galore or Caer Luna Farm.

Looking for a unique encounter with some adorable goats? Check out the Barn Full of Goats experience, or book a session of goat yoga!

Want to shop from several local farms at once?

Visit farm stores like those at Gardenworks Farm, Tiashoke Farm Store, or Parkland Alpaca Farm. Or, check out our many farmers markets & farm stands throughout the warmer months!

Neat Agritourism Events Throughout the Year

Beyond the farms and businesses listed above, Washington County is also home to a number of unique agricultural attractions. Our farmers markets are a great place to find fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods from local farmers and producers. These typically run from early summer to fall, though some are open year-round.

And without a doubt, you’ll want to visit during the Washington County Fair in August! There, you’ll discover a variety of agricultural exhibits, competitions, and entertainment, from sheep-shearing and comedy to blacksmithing and cow milking. Plus, the Fairgrounds is also home to the Adirondack Wool & Arts Festival and the Southern Adirondack Homesteading Festival.

Furthermore, you’ll want to explore one of our self-guided driving tours of local farms and agritourism businesses! These include the Art + Ag Tour in May, the Artisan Trails of Washington County in July, the Fiber Tour in April and many more. Additionally, you’ll find a thriving equine industry in our area just waiting to be explored, with everything from dressage-focused riding schools to gymkhana competitions.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, a romantic getaway, or a unique way to experience the beauty of northern New York, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at one of our many agriculture-focused businesses.

Discover more ways to enjoy our area’s bounty

Visitors of all abilities & interests are invited to explore all Washington County, NY has to offer! From gorgeous mountain hikes and world-famous rivers to live music venues and unique local museums, you’ll find lots to love here in the agricultural heart of the Capital Region.

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