MEET: Bee & Bramble – Beekeeping, Tinkering & Teaching

Within the forests and fields of Argyle, NY you’ll find an incredibly unique enterprise: Bee & Bramble. A shining example of the Washington County can-do attitude, the company began as a dream and flourished over time into a multi-avenue endeavor.

Like many local businesses, the dynamic duo behind Bee & Bramble juggle a variety of hobbies and enterprises, from beekeeping, blacksmithing and woodworking to pottery, gardening, art, and care products. All situated upon a wooded property largely developed and built by their own hands! You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Of course, the best part is you’re welcome to visit! Bee & Bramble offers a range of unique products, both online and in-person in their farm store. Items for sale include watercolor art prints, honey packs, beeswax candles, hand-forged home decor, and much, much more.

Learn more about Bee & Bramble’s many talents, from beekeeping and blacksmithing to skill-sharing and community organizing!

Discover the Many Talents of Bee & Bramble

Together, there’s little Steve and Karen Mattison of Bee & Bramble can’t do!

Part blacksmith, part beekeeper, and all-around craftsman, Steve Mattison tackles challenges big and small with an open mind and curious spirit. Over time, he’s built a sawmill, woodworking and blacksmithing shops, private entertaining areas, and more on his own property. With further expansion in the works!

Meanwhile, his wife Karen also runs a bookkeeping company, gardens, and enjoys making pottery and many of the beeswax-based care products available through their online store.

Want to learn how they do it first-hand? Follow the Mattisons on Facebook to stay in-the-know about upcoming classes on their property, as well as collaborative events with other local businesses like Scotlander Brewing Company. Previous classes have included pewter pouring, amber polishing, mushroom growing, and more!

How It All Began

Raised in Hudson Falls, Steve met Karen in college. Soon after getting married, they’d saved up enough to buy land in the beautiful Argyle, NY area.

Growing up, Steve didn’t do any of the many things he does now; it was all self-taught. And it all began because he needed cabinets for the house they were building. So he and a friend built a small workshop to build the cabinets, which soon branched into installing hardwood floors and doing finish work. Soon, he began doing work for other people, both restoration and refurbishing as well as custom orders. Eventually, as the business blossomed, Steve left his nursing career to work on these creative projects full-time.

And now, Bee & Bramble has grown into more than just a business; it’s a sanctuary for creativity, founded on a deep appreciation for good craftsmanship and the natural world.

So come immerse yourself in the enchanting world of bees, witness the magic of blacksmithing, and purchase handcrafted wood and metalwork! You’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience giving you insight into the tradition and innovation intertwined in industries across the county.

Follow along on future adventures

Follow Bee & Bramble on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Behind Their Honey Products & Hand-Made Items

At the core, Bee & Bramble define themselves as tinkerers. Problem solvers. People who can’t resist a good puzzle. From figuring out how to implement commercial mushroom farming to the restoration of an antique mobile coin minting rig, they enjoy the challenges each new day brings.

Initially, Bee & Bramble was going to be a beekeeping, fruit tree, and possibly u-pick raspberry farm. Hence the name. While only the beekeeping factor remains of the original idea, the practice helps keep them tied to the natural harmony of the land. And you can enjoy some of this honey yourself from their shop!

On top of that, Bee & Bramble often gives locally salvaged items a second life within one of their workshops or as a part of a new creation. They’ve transformed old railroad spikes into decorated wall hangers, created shelving from foraged mushrooms, turned an old chest into on-the-go storage, and more.

Additionally, through his blacksmithing forge, Steve breathes life into elegant and functional works of art, from custom-forged tools to decorative ironwork. During special dates, visitors can marvel at the skill it takes to transform molten metal into beautiful yet durable new objects!

Visiting Bee & Bramble’s Farm Store

Want to support their work & stock up on Bee & Bramble’s creations? Visit their farm store online or in person near Cossayuna Lake!

On top of their honey, beeswax products, and ironwork for sale, they also carry vintage art prints, upcycled decor, locally-made stained glass, and more within their hand-built farm store. If you’re looking for truly unique gifts & souvenirs, you want to check out Bee & Bramble!

The Artisan Trails of Washington County

Starting in 2024, the Mattisons took a lead role in organizing the annual Artisan Trails of Washington County. This year, the event will take place on July 13 & 14 at several “hubs” across the county, open from 10 AM – 4 PM.

A weekend full of open studios and mini vendor fairs, each stop will be hosting several local artists and artisans! Plus, visitors will also enjoy live demonstrations, plein air painting, workshops and more showcasing the “beauty, history, and diverse artisanal skill sets” within the area.

You won’t want to miss this tour of painters, textile artists, metal sculptors, photographers, potters, furniture makers, farms, breweries, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to meet the minds behind Bee & Bramble on the tour!

Visit the ATWC Facebook or website to start planning your visit to the Artisan Trails in July.

Want More Washington County, NY?

Of course, that’s not all there is to do in our area! Within Argyle alone, you’ll also find craft beverages at Scotlander Brewing Company, trail riding with 4J Farmm and goat therapy at Sperry Family Farm. And nearby, you can find even more neat options, from museums and golfing to unique rentals and delicious dining.

And while you’re in the area, why not check out one of the many interesting local events going on?

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