Photographer’s Guide to Lake George’s Eastern Shore

The Adirondack Park is a sightseer’s paradise. Rolling mountains, bubbling streams, and clear blue lakes make up the 6 million acres of the “forever wild” forest preserve.  

Lake George sits at the southeastern point of the Adirondack Park, and has long been called the “Queen of American Lakes.” Since the late 1800s, tourists have made their way to villages along the shores to enjoy lakeside dining, sweeping vistas, and steamboat cruises.  Because of the area’s ongoing popularity, it can be tough to find roads and trails less traveled. Unless you explore the lake’s eastern shore!

Away from scenic route 9N on the west side of the lake, enjoy some roads (and trails, and bays) less traveled.

Gull Bay Preserve

@thelisalehman: If you go on the trails at Gull Bay Preserve in Putnam, you’re treated to this view looking south on Lake George after only about a half-mile. There’s a picnic table which makes it a perfect spot for lunch.


Last Great Shoreline

@peskypup: Come sit with me and be at ease. To look upon these wondrous trees. On birds and squirrels – what’ere you please, and feel some heaven in every breeze. -H.R. Karpes
@lglc_stewardship: Now this is some social distancing… There is just something about spring on the lake. This is the view from our Last Great Shoreline Preserve in Putnam.

Clark Hollow Bay

@lglc_stewardship: The view from Clark Hollow Bay

Schumann Preserve

@lglc_stewardship: Gotta love the spring.. the vegetation is so green! A nice change from the doldrums of winter.

Tougher Hikes/Mountain Views 

Don’t let the photos fool you, it takes a bit of time and stamina to enjoy these panoramic views of Lake George. If you’re up for the challenge, your clients, followers, and camera are sure to thank you for it.

Buck Mountain

moderately challenging
7.0-mile out-and-back
3 hours, 40 minutes

@probably_out_hiking: ☀️⛰
@probably_out_hiking: ☀️⛰


@hikinglakegeorge: Buck Mountain before the rain today 🦌

Sleeping Beauty

moderately challenging
7.0-mile loop
3 hours, 15 min

@wadamczakphoto: A last minute hike this afternoon led me to this view.
@coffeeandsunsetsphotoandfilm: We love couples that want to do crazy Engagement shoots like this! The cold and rain didn’t stop us from hiking almost 2 miles up a wet mountain!

Black Mountain

moderately challenging
7.7-mile loop trail
3 hours, 30 min

@hikinglakegeorge: Today’s view from the top of Black Mountain ⛰

Anthony’s Nose

moderately challenging
1.4-mile out-and-back trail
1 hour

@lglc_stewardship: What an unbelievable day to hike today, and to one of my favorite views of the lake.


@ariencronk: Here’s a couple shots from toward the end of summer that I never got around to posting. Sorry I’ve been so inconsistent about posting on here lately. But I’m just getting back from a weekend trip to Acadia National Park so I’ll have a couple photos from there to post in the next few days. I’m also going to get out and try to capture as much of the fall foliage as I can! ⁣


Shelving Rock Falls / Mountain Summit

6.3-mile loop trail
2 hours, 50 mins

@hikinglakegeorge: Do yourself a favor and watch sunrise from the top of a mountain ☀️


@nlgbeck: Waterfall engagement shoots are my new favorite!

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